Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is the variant you come across when you play at the glittering casinos on the Strip. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas to enjoy this variant because prominent online gaming software developers such as Microgaming have developed online versions of the same game. You simply have to log into your favorite online casino to play Vegas Strip Blackjack.

You can play Vegas Strip Blackjack either for real money or for free at most online casinos. Vegas Strip Blackjack is a hole-card game, which means that the dealer is dealt one face-down and one face-up card. The face-down card is also known as the hole card.

You need four standard decks of 52 playing cards to play a game of Vegas Strip Blackjack. While playing Vegas Strip Blackjack, the dealer is allowed to check for blackjack if his up card is a ten or an ace. The game comes to an end if the dealer gets blackjack. If the dealer does not get blackjack, the game continues.

Vegas Strip Blackjack rules require the dealer to stand on a 17, irrespective of whether the 17 is a hard 17 or a soft 17. The rule requiring dealers to stand on soft 17 is quite advantageous to the player because it lowers the house edge by 0.22 percent. The rule allowing the dealer to check for blackjack if his up card is a ten or an ace is also advantageous to the player because it prevents players from wasting bets on doubling down and splitting.

The variant also includes the option to double down even after splitting. Since Vegas Strip Blackjack enables players to split a maximum of three times, they can play four hands simultaneously. However, players can split aces only once, and whenever an ace pair is split, players will receive only one card for each of the two resultant hands. However, if you just split an ace pair and received two tens, your resulting hands are not considered as blackjack.

Vegas Strip Blackjack does not offer players the option to surrender. However, you can hit as many times as you wish, as long as you do not go bust or exceed 21. If the value of your hand exceeds 21, you will lose the game.

The insurance rule is another nice feature of this variant. If the dealer’s up card turns out to be an ace, you can purchase insurance by placing a bet half the size of your original bet. If the dealer gets blackjack, you will win your insurance bet and receive a payout of 2:1. However, you will lose your initial bet.

The payout structure of Vegas Strip Blackjack is quite generous, offering winning hands 1-1, insurance bets 2-1, and blackjack 3-2. In case of a push, players get back their original bets. Vegas Strip Blackjack enjoys a great deal of popularity because its rules are so easy to understand. You can access this game at any prominent online casino.