Blackjack Terms

Anyone thinking about playing the game of blackjack for real money will want to educate themselves on all aspects of the game as possible before they begin. One of the areas players will want to learn more about is the terminology which is used in the game of blackjack; this will allow them to understand what is going on and what is expected of them. Here are many of the more commonly used terms in blackjack:

Action – This term generally is in reference to the amount of wagers in a certain time period.

Bankroll – This is the amount of money that a player has to play with.

Black Chip – This is a chip which is worth $100.

Burn Card – This is the card which is removed from the very top of the cards and discarded. A burn card will be discarded after every shuffle.

Bust – When a bust occurs, a hand exceeds a value of 21; this means it is a losing hand.

Flat Bet – A bet where the value does not change from hand to hand.

Foreign Chip – This is a chip that is issued by one casino, but accepted as cash from some other casinos.

Green Chip – This is a chip worth $25.

Hole Card – A hole card is any card which is in the face down position. Usually this definition is referring to the dealer’s card.

Head On – This is when a player goes up against the dealer at a blackjack table.

Hit – To hit is to receive another card.

House – This is what the casino is referred to as.

Online Blackjack – This is a game of blackjack which takes place at an online casino.

Pat Hand – This is a hand totaling between 17 and 21.

Push – A push is when both the player and the dealer tie.

Red Chip – This is a chip worth $5.

Stand – To stand is to decline another card.

By learning the basic terminology commonly used in the game of blackjack, a player will be off to a good start. However, there is much more they should learn before they jump in and begin playing for real money. Lucky for players, the Internet offers a lot of advice which will steer blackjack players in the right direction and educate them on important aspects of both playing blackjack, and playing blackjack online. Online articles will help players to learn all about the different aspects of playing online and steer players in the best direction.