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What is FairPlayUSA?

FairPlayUSA is a group of people that are concerned with internet gambling. The group includes consumer protection experts, law enforcement officials, companies in the commercial gaming industry, poker players, and other Americans. Their main goal is to inform the public of the different laws that have caused people to use internet gambling. They are behind Congress’s decision of actually defining illegal gambling and working to provide stronger law enforcement to ban it so that people can play fair poker and fair casino games. This includes online poker.

What this group wants is for regulations to make gambling, especially poker, safe to play. They believe for those that are law abiding it should be made safe and fair to play. They want to educate the public so that the right type of law enforcement is provided as well as strict regulation and consumer protection.

Their webpage displays a list of principles that they stand behind or want other to know about. The main goal obviously being to have online gaming made completely illegal by enforcing stricter laws and strengthening or rewriting the previous Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. They want to make sure there is no room for interpretation that would let someone get away with creating an online gaming setup or participating in one.

The most recent act that has taken place within the coalition is that Mike Sexton, who is a poker player and former champion, was added to the board of advisors. He believes people should be allowed to play these games in the comfort of their own homes and not have to worry about them being unsafe or unfair.

The FairPlayUSA coalition does not believe that online gaming is wrong. They just want the way it has previously been allowed to stop. Too many people were cheated or suffered from online predators in the past. It is time for change.