Responsible Gambling

The best online gaming sites in the industry encourage their gaming customers to have lots of fun gambling online, but to do so in a responsible manner. You might have observed tabs titled “responsible gambling” at most prominent online gaming sites and wondered what it meant. It is just the online gaming site urging you, the player, to gamble in a responsible manner and to gamble within your bankroll limits. Some online gaming sites provide a set of useful tools enabling players to control their own gambling activities. Players are also urged to take help from bodies such as Gamblers Anonymous if they suspect that they are getting addicted to gambling.

Online gambling sites worth their salt are very careful about warning their valuable customers against problem gambling because they do not want their players to get addicted and go away from the site. If this happens, online gambling sites will soon be out of business. The best online gambling sites, especially the eCogra certified sites, strongly advocate the concept of responsible gambling and go out of their way to protect their players from getting addicted to online gambling.

Online gaming sites direct problem gamblers to request help from Gamblers Anonymous, which can be accessed at, GamCare, which can be accessed either through the hotline +44 845 600 0133 or the website; Gambling Therapy, which can be accessed at; and many more.

You are requested to contact the above mentioned if you gamble compulsively at the cost of your career or college, chase your losses desperately, gamble to escape from unhappiness or boredom, gamble till you lose your last penny, lie about your gambling losses, wreck important relationships, borrow or steal to gamble, lose interest in the rest of your life, and feel like committing suicide because something compels you to gamble.

Online gaming sites that advocate responsible gambling usually provide a set of useful tools to help you deal with problem gambling. You can choose to close your account whenever gambling ceases to be fun and request the online gaming site to re-open your account when things get better. The self-exclusion tool allows you to ban yourself from the online gambling site for a definite period of time. You can also request the online gambling site to set deposit limits for a period of 24 hours to prevent you from depositing excessively during a day.

You can save yourself from getting into trouble with problem gambling if you gamble responsibly right from day one. Do not start gambling unless and until you have set limits for spending, losing, and even winning at an online gaming site. Limit your spending by requesting the online gaming site to set daily deposit limits for your account. Set aside a few hours for gambling per day or per week and stick to your time table. Never gamble when you can spend that time interacting with friends, kids, pets, partners, and family members and never gamble away funds earmarked for important things such as your children’s college fund.