Live Dealer Blackjack

Online casino providers recognize that players are looking to experience the same feeling as that of playing in a land based casino. Owing to this, they have made many changes and inclusions to online gaming. One such is that of introducing live dealer blackjack at online casinos. These games allow players to watch the dealer as he deals their cards. There are two types of live dealer games that you can play online – public blackjack and personal dealer blackjack. In the former, you will be playing along with several other players, whereas in the latter, you play alone. Here are a few key aspects that you should know about the two types of blackjack:

Public Blackjack vs. Personal Dealer Blackjack

Public blackjack is more fast-paced than personal dealer blackjack. This is because in this type of game, players are required to make their move immediately, whereas in personal dealer blackjack, players are given almost 15 seconds to make their decision. Public blackjack is the ideal game for those used to playing fast online games in which the software is the dealer. Personal dealer blackjack is well-suited for those looking to have a personalized experience at the casino.

This is because dealers handling this type of blackjack interact with one player at a time and are more likely to refer to them by their screen names. However, this type of game follows a system used in land based casinos. You will not be able to play at a personal dealer game immediately after logging in – if there are 6 to 7 players at the table before you. In such a situation, most casinos will offer you the option of playing other games like slots, while you wait for a seat to clear.

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Here are a few key benefits of playing live dealer blackjack at an online casino:

Increases Credibility

Playing against a live dealer can increase the credibility of the game as you can see the hand being dealt. This is in contrast to blackjack played at an online casino that employs a random number generator (RNG). If you are a blackjack enthusiast who prefers land based blackjack over online blackjack because the former has a live dealer, opt for a blackjack game with this provision.

More Interaction

Opt for a live dealer casino for playing blackjack if you want to interact with the dealer. This will simulate the experience of playing at a land based casino. In most casinos, the interaction is limited to the player and the dealer. However a few casinos allow players to interact with others at the same table. This can make your gaming experience at the casino more lively and exciting. For a higher level of interaction, a few casinos also provide a live chat system. By way of this you can communicate with the players and dealers conveniently.