Face Up 21

Standard blackjack does not permit players to see the dealer’s hand, but Face Up 21, a delightful real money blackjack variant also known as Double Exposure Blackjack, allows players to check out the dealer’s hand, putting them at a greater advantage and enhancing their chances of winning. If, after studying the dealer’s hand and your own hand, you feel that you have no chances of winning, you can surrender and get back half your original bet. However, you must understand that surrendering is not always the best thing a player can do.

Face Up 21 Rules and Advantages

Face Up 21 requires 8 decks of 52 standard playing cards although the number of decks used depends on individual casinos. Players can split two cards of equal value, but they need to place an extra bet, which is equal in size to the original bet, on the new hand that is formed as the result of splitting. Face Up 21 rules allow you to re-split and play as many as 3 hands simultaneously. You are free to double down on high-value cards such as 9, 10, and 11, and you can double down even after splitting a pair.

Meanwhile, the dealer is required to hit on hard 16 and stand on hard 17 or hit soft 17 and stand on soft 18. If the dealer stands, the gaming software continues dealing cards to players till they either win or go bust. The best thing about Face Up 21, as its name suggests, is that you can check out the dealer’s cards, which enables you to make better decisions.

In case of Face Up 21, the suits have no significance. While cards 2 to 10 take their face value, the values of jacks, queens, and kings are taken to be 10. The ace can be either 1 or 11 depending on the convenience of the player. For instance, a hand with an ace and a six can be either 7 or 17.

If you get blackjack, you will be paid even money; and if you made an insurance bet that won, you will get 2:1. In case player and dealer both get blackjack, the player will win; but in case of a tie, the dealer will win. The house advantage of Face Up 21 depends on the number of decks used; but if 8 decks are used, the house edge is 0.85 percent.

How to Win at Double Exposure Blackjack

Winning a game of Face Up 21 is very easy, provided you follow a few tips and strategies. The lower the number of decks used, the higher the house advantage; so you must choose a casino where Face Up 21 is played with as many decks as possible.

Face Up 21 strategy charts are available in plenty all over online gaming portals; and new players must have a strategy chart to enhance their chances of winning.

The option of surrender should be used carefully because many players surrender on the wrong hands. As far as possible, players should use the strategy chart before making a crucial decision.