What is eCOGRA?

The online gaming industry, which was born in the mid nineties, boomed and flourished, with gamblers signing up at online gaming sites in large numbers. However, the industry had no regulatory body, owing to which rogue gaming sites eager to cheat gullible players began mushrooming all over the Internet. These rogue sites would, one fine day, vanish completely from the scene along with players’ money. Disappointed players began swapping stories of how they got cheated by rogue gambling sites, and soon, the number of players signing up at online gambling sites began to dwindle.

Microgaming and 888.com were the first to realize the adverse effects of rogue gambling sites on the online gaming business. Not wanting to lose valuable customers and business, the duo decided to join forces and set up an online gaming watchdog called eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) to keep an eye on various online gaming sites and to ensure that players got a safe, secure, and fair online gaming experience.

Today, gambling experts advise newcomers to check if a gaming site bears the eCOGRA seal and certificate before signing up at it. Gaming sites bearing the eCOGRA seal and certificate are the best, offering 100 percent gaming security, topnotch customer care service, gaming integrity, and fair gaming. Although certain rogue sites do use fake eCOGRA certificates to fool customers, you can always cross check whether a gaming site is really an eCOGRA site by visiting the official eCOGRA website.

eCOGRA is least bothered about raking in profits, its chief concern being the effective monitoring of the online gaming industry. In other words, it is the watchdog of the online gambling industry, setting a tough code of conduct and a strict set of standards for online gaming sites to follow. All gaming sites, which meet eCOGRA’s high standards, are awarded the eCOGRA seal, which is displayed on their homepage to serve as an assurance to existing and new players that the gaming site is indeed honest and secure.

All eCOGRA sites are required to be honest with their gaming customers. eCOGRA itself goes out of its way to provide players with information regarding player rights, gambling laws and rules, and everything else you need to know to be safe online.

eCOGRA expects its members to be perfectly honest with their gaming customers, which means that eCOGRA approved sites are not expected to use misleading language in their website content and publicity campaigns. eCOGRA gaming sites are also required to adopt the latest in gaming security technology to ensure 100 percent protection of player details, financial transactions, and winnings. The games need to be tested by independent third party auditors for accuracy, fair play, and randomness. The casino’s daily operations, the jackpots won, the amount collected, and so on need to be monitored on a daily basis. eCOGRA also investigates an online gaming site’s history thoroughly before approving it and settles player – casino disputes effectively.

You can rest assured that you will have a safe online gaming experience at eCOGRA certified gaming sites.