Wire Transfer Blackjack Sites

In recent years, many governments have started blocking online gambling transactions from credit cards and debit cards. If you live in a country where online blackjack isn’t regulated then you’re going to possibly run into issues while trying to deposit money into your blackjack account. One of the alternative blackjack deposit options that more players have begun using is a Wire Transfer. Wire Transfers haven’t become that popular and it’s usually a last resort for blackjack players that aren’t educated about deposit methods available at real money blackjack sites.

What is a Wire Transfer?

Most of you will know what a wire transfer already is and chances are you’ve sent hundreds of wire transfers in the past. A wire transfer is when you send money from your bank account to another account, which in this case would be the blackjack site you want to play with. Sending a wire transfer is a bit confusing the first time, but all of the blackjack sites that accept Wire Transfers will walk you through the entire process.

Are Wire Transfers Free?

Online blackjack sites won’t charge you to make a deposit using a wire transfer, but your bank will charge a fee and you should contact them to find out how much it’ll be. Depending on where you live, the wire transfer fee could be excessive and might not even be worth it, which is why you should find out how much it’s going to cost you to send the money before you actually send it.

Most blackjack sites will charge you to make a withdrawal from your account using wire transfer, but if you use the Bet365 Casino, which we recommend below, you will receive 1 free wire transfer withdrawal each month. If you need to process multiple withdrawals a month it’ll cost you roughly $10-$15 each withdrawal depending on where you live.

Are Wire Transfers Instant?

One of the biggest downfalls about using a wire transfer to fund your blackjack account is that the deposit won’t be processed instantly. The amount of time it takes to process a wire transfer is dependent upon where you live, but you can expect to wait 3-10 days before your deposit is cleared into your blackjack account, which is a lot more time than most blackjack players are willing to wait.

What Blackjack Sites Accept Wire Transfers?

The number of blackjack sites accepting wire transfers is growing, but it still isn’t that popular. Blackjack sites don’t mind wire transfer because they receive the money before it’s credited to your account, which prevents players from committing fraud against the blackjack site. Bet365 Casino is the best wire transfer blackjack site, but they don’t accept players the USA. Make sure you read over the wire transfer deposit guide at Bet365 before trying to complete your deposit, as you need their banking information before you can complete a wire transfer.

With all of the e-wallets and prepaid virtual debit cards on the market in the online gambling industry I don’t expect wire transfers to ever become that popular. It takes to long for the player to receive his funds and the fees are exuberant. Spend a few minutes reading over the rest of our blackjack deposit options to find a suitable deposit method that you can use in the USA or worldwide.