Western Union Blackjack Sites

Western Union was founded way back in 1851 and operated miles upon miles of telegraph lines. The company started offering money transfers in 1871 after exiting the telephone market due to losing a lawsuit against Bell. The Western Union brand has always been a trusted name in the money transfer industry and most people automatically think of Western Union when they think of sending money somewhere else in the world.

With certain governments around the world blocking online gambling transactions through restrictions that have been placed on banks, Western Union has remained a foolproof way to deposit money to any online casino. Using Western Union couldn’t be any easier nowadays and you actually have several options. If you have a credit card or bank account you can make a deposit to a Western Union blackjack site on the Western Union website.

The other way to send money to a blackjack site that accepts Western Union is by visiting one of the thousands of WU stores around the world. There are nearly 500,000 Western Union stores located in over 240 countries, so finding a Western Union store isn’t a problem for 99% of people out there. If you visit a WU store you can use cash, bank card or credit card to send money to a real money blackjack site.

Western Union is one of the only money transfer companies where you can send money to practically anyone in the world. In recent years Western Union has begun blocking “suspicious” deposits, but online gambling deposits have had a nearly 100% acceptance rate. Not too many online casinos actually accept Western Union at this time, but there are still a few great blackjack sites that still take WU deposits.

Almost everyone can use Western Union to make deposits into online casinos including Americans. Blackjack players in the USA don’t have many deposit options left that they can use, but Western Union is still used by thousands of online casino players around the world. If you don’t want to open an e-wallet account and your credit card isn’t working, Western Union is definitely your next best blackjack deposit method.

#1 Western Union Blackjack Site

Western Union isn’t that popular amongst online blackjack sites, but as more deposit methods become extinct, I’m sure more online casinos will begin accepting money transfers. Right now Go Casino is the only blackjack site we recommend joining if you want to use Western Union. Go Casino accepts players from around the world and WU is a popular deposit option in the casino.

The minimum deposit is $100 if you’re using WU, but the fees are covered by Go Casino, which is why they don’t want people depositing a bunch of small amounts. Blackjack is very popular in the casino and there are four different blackjack games that can be played in the casino including Vegas Blackjack and European Blackjack. You can start playing at the Go Casino right now using their instant play software client and by making your 1st Western Union deposit.