VISA Card Blackjack Sites

Visa is a globally recognized financial company that issues credit cards and debit cards around the world. Visa is the most popular credit card and debit card brand in the United States and it has also become popular in many other regions around the world. Visa is accepted basically everywhere in the world and many online sites accept Visas including online blackjack sites. Visa used to be one of the most popular blackjack deposit methods, but now that many Americans have had their Visas blocked from online gambling it isn’t nearly as popular.

How to Deposit into an Online Blackjack Site Using a VISA Card?

The only thing you need to complete a deposit into an online blackjack site using your VISA is your VISA card. You need to input your VISA account number, expiry date and the 3-digit code on the back of your card. You may also need to confirm your deposit using the “Verified by Visa” security feature. After making your deposit you need to enter your Verified by Visa password to confirm that you have enough credit on your card. VISA will approve the deposit if you have enough credit on the card and you’ll be set to start playing online blackjack for money.

Is Using a VISA Credit Card Safe?

The vast majority of online blackjack players never have a problem using their VISA card. The Verified by Visa program has helped stop a lot of fraud from happening and it’s a great feature. The fact that the blackjack sites we recommend also use the best encryption security features also helps make VISA a safe blackjack deposit option.

Why Was My VISA Card Declined?

If you haven’t used your VISA credit card before to gamble online than you may not know about the problems that many online gamblers face. Your VISA may be declined when depositing into an online blackjack site based on where you live. VISA credit cards are declined regularly due to the banks not allowing online gambling, but many countries won’t have any restrictions and will be able to use their VISA credit card freely. VISA also issues debit cards and these have a much higher approval rate since the money is taken directly from your bank and not borrowed from your credit card.

Most Popular VISA Card Blackjack Sites

The Go Casino has a high rate of success with accepting all credit cards including Visa. VISA is accepted from players worldwide including the USA at the Go Casino and it’s one of the best blackjack sites for those of you wishing to deposit using your VISA card. The minimum deposit using VISA at the Go Casino is only $25, but when you want a withdrawal you’ll need to have a check sent to your mailing address.

Bet365 Casino is the best VISA card blackjack site for anyone living outside of the USA. They offer the chance to earn a bonus on every deposit you make (Up to $6K Monthly) and have a bunch of other promotions that blackjack players can benefit from. Whether you want to play live blackjack or virtual blackjack you’ll be able to at the Bet365 Casino. The minimum deposit is only $10 if you use your VISA credit card to fund your account and it’s completely free as well.