Ukash Blackjack Sites

Ukash is a unique payment option that has become widely used amongst blackjack players. Ukash wasn’t formed until 2005, but in the past 5+ years Ukash has grown into the preferred blackjack deposit option for many online blackjack players. A lot of people don’t like using their credit card in online casinos for security reasons and many people also have their credit card blocked from completing an online gambling deposit by their bank.

Ukash decided that it was time to offer a more convenient deposit method for online gamblers and they came up with a unique voucher code system. Currently residents in 33 countries can use Ukash to make a deposit into their online blackjack account. Canadians, Australians, Europeans and several other countries are allowed to use Ukash, but the service isn’t available in the USA yet.

How to Use Ukash?

Ukash is a very simple blackjack payment method to use, as you can purchase Ukash vouchers at retail stores in the countries where Ukash operates. There are thousands and thousand of stores where you can buy an Ukash voucher with cash, debit or credit. Ukash has also started allowing players to purchase Ukash voucher codes online using various payment options. If you can purchase your voucher it’s a lot easier, as you don’t even need to leave your house and once you confirm the purchase you receive the Ukash voucher instantly.

Once you have the Ukash voucher you simply enter the 19-digit code into the cashier at the online blackjack site you want to play with. When you use Ukash the entire voucher is used when you make a deposit, so you need to make sure that you only purchase a voucher with enough money to cover your deposit. Many people are weary about trusting a voucher code payment system, but it has worked wonderfully in the online blackjack industry.

Is Ukash Safe?

Ukash is as safe as a deposit option you’re going to find in the online gambling industry. You don’t need to give away any of your personal details when you use Ukash and Ukash has a 100% acceptance rate. Ukash is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority, so your money is as safe with Ukash as it is with a bank. Since opening in 2005 Ukash has only expanded and their reputation has steadily strengthened.

#1 Ukash Blackjack Site

Ukash is available to most developed countries in the world other than the USA, which means most European and UK blackjack sites accept Ukash. Our personal favourite Ukash blackjack site is Bet365 Casino, as they have the best blackjack games you’re going to find online. Bet365 Casino offers live blackjack games with real dealers and several variations of blackjack games using RNG’s. The minimum deposit with Ukash is only $1 and the maximum is $750, which is the most you can load onto an Ukash voucher code at this time. When you make your 1st Ukash deposit you’ll be able to earn a 100% bonus for up to $200, so you should try taking advantage of the bonus.