PaySafe Card Blackjack Sites

PaySafe Card has quickly become one of the best blackjack deposit options available to players in the countries that can use PaySafeCard. Currently PaySafeCard is only available in European countries and the UK, but there are plans to move the service into other countries around the world. Many European/UK blackjack players started using PaySafe Card to make deposits into blackjack sites because it allows them to keep their credit card and banking details private.

What is a PaySafe Card?

A lot of people in the online gambling world still don’t know what a PaySafe Card is. PaySafeCard is a prepaid card or voucher with a 16-digit PIN. You can purchase a prepaid PaySafe Card from any retailer with a PayPoint sign and currently there are over 200,000 retail locations to purchase these prepaid cards. If you live in the UK or Europe you’ll definitely have a PayPoint location nearby that you can visit and purchase a PaySafe Card at.

PaySafe Cards can be purchase in several increments including £10, £25, £50 and £75. Some of you may be thinking that £75 is hardly enough to begin playing online blackjack with, but thankfully you can use up to 10 PaySafeCards at the same time when depositing into any real money online blackjack site. This means that you can deposit up to £750 each time you make a deposit into a PaySafeCard blackjack site.

Using Your PaySafe Card

Once you’ve purchased your PaySafeCard or multiple PaySafeCards you’ll be ready to deposit into your online blackjack account. You simply need to click on the cashier and the PaySafeCard icon at the blackjack site you’ve signed up to. You’ll need to have your prepaid PaySafe Card available because you’ll need to enter the 16-digit PIN in the corresponding field. You’ll then need to select how much you’d like to deposit and as long as you have enough money on your card the transaction will be approved.

One of the reasons why the PaySafe Card is so popular is because you don’t need to give the casino any of your banking details. There are also no fees charged to make a deposit using a prepaid PaySafe Card, which is another reason why thousands of European and UK blackjack players choose to use PaySafeCard today. It’s also very safe to use a PaySafeCard online for online gambling or other purchases for that matter, as you can only ever have a small amount of money loaded on each prepaid card.

Best PaySafe Card Casino

Bet365 Casino is widely regarded as one of the top online blackjack sites in the UK and Europe. Most UK and Euro online casinos accept PaySafe Cards, but Bet365 Casino offers incredible blackjack games. The minimum deposit using your PaySafe Card is only £1, so you can begin playing with a very small amount if you’d like. The deposit will be processed instantly and you can start playing blackjack. At Bet365 Casino you have the option of playing live blackjack or virtual blackjack using RNG’s, which is a choice you don’t get at many other online blackjack sites.