MasterCard Blackjack Sites

MasterCard is an American company that was founded in 1966 by several banks in California. Initially the credit card was called MasterCharge, but that was changed to MasterCard and it has been that way since. MasterCard may have started in California, but nowadays the credit card is the 2nd most popular credit card in the world and is accepted practically everywhere you go in the developed world.

MasterCard also issues debit cards and if you have the choice between using a MasterCard credit card or debit card you should always use the debit card. MasterCard debit cards have a much better approval rate than using a MasterCard credit card when depositing into real money blackjack sites. A lot of online casinos have stopped accepting deposits from certain MasterCard players depending upon where they live.

Many banks that issue MasterCard credit cards don’t allow cardholders to deposit into any online casinos. In some countries the banks have to try and block all MasterCard deposits, but another reason is because online casinos often face a lot of problems with fraud. Many players deposit using a MasterCard and once they lost they try charging the deposit back, which has caused many online casinos to look twice at all credit card deposits.

If you live in the USA, Canada or several other countries you may have your MasterCard deposit declined. Most other blackjack players won’t experience problems depositing into online casinos using their MasterCard. If you want to deposit into your online casino account using a MasterCard you definitely should, but be prepared to use one of the alternative blackjack deposit options that we’ve reviewed, as your deposit may be declined.

To make a deposit using MasterCard into an online casino you need to input the credit card number, the expiry date on the card and the CVC code on the back of the card. The online casino will try to authorize the deposit and if it hasn’t been declined you’ll have the money you deposited credited to your blackjack account instantly. Some players will even be able to have withdrawals sent back onto their MasterCard, but that will depend on the casino and the country you live in.

Where to Play Online Blackjack with a MasterCard?

Go Casino is a great blackjack site that Americans can join and deposit using MasterCard. They actually have good relationships with many banks and many blackjack players don’t have a problem depositing money into their account using their MasterCard credit card. One of the biggest reasons to join Go Casino to play blackjack is to take advantage of their huge $20K bonus.

If you live outside of the USA I’d recommend joining the Bet365 Casino, as they have a much bigger selection of blackjack games in the casino. You can even play live blackjack in this casino and you can’t find many other online casinos offering the ability to play live blackjack yet. MasterCard is a popular deposit options at Bet365 and the majority of players won’t have a problem making a deposit using their MasterCard credit card.