Diners Club Card Blackjack Sites

Diners Club, now known as Diners Club International was the very 1st independent credit card in the world. Over the years the company has been sold several times between huge financial companies, but it has always remained as one of the top 5 credit cards in the world. Millions of people have a Diners Club card and if you have one you’ll be able to deposit money instantly into a wide range of online blackjack sites for real money.

A lot of Diners Club credit cards on the market right now are stamped with the MasterCard logo. If your Diners Club card has a MasterCard logo it means that you can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. I’ve found that online casinos are able to process Diners Club credit cards at a higher rate than other popular credit cards. Many of you will have your Visa or MasterCard deposits declined, but if you use a Diners Club credit card there is a good chance that your deposit will be approved immediately.

Different financial companies around the world own Diners Club franchises, which means that if you have a Diners Club card from the USA it isn’t from the same issuer as a Diners Club card from Germany. A lot of Diners Club cards actually have to have the entire balance paid off at the end of every month, which helps blackjack players from spending more then they can afford in online casinos. A benefit of using Diners Club is that most banks that issue the credit card offer great perks for using Diners Club over another credit card brand.

Diners Club is like any other credit card when using it to make a deposit to an online blackjack site. You simply enter your Diners Club card details into the cashier section and as long as your online deposit is approved you’ll have your money ready to play with in your account in the matter of a few seconds. There are no fees when depositing with your Diners Club credit card either at any online blackjack site, which is a great reason to use a your credit card rather than an e-wallet, as most e-wallets charge some sort of fee.

Best Diners Club Card Blackjack Sites

Diners Club is accepted at the Go Casino and they’re known for having great credit card processing approval rates when compared to other online casinos. The blackjack games are basic and what you’d find in the majority of online casinos, but the Go Casino bonus is remarkable. On your 1st 20 deposits you’ll have the opportunity to earn $20,000, which is absolutely unheard of from online casinos. Go Casino is also one of the few blackjack sites accepting US players.

Bet365 Casino is great for the serious blackjack player, as they offer live blackjack tables that you can watch live through webcams. You can also play a range of virtual blackjack games in the casino with varying rules. With over $6K in bonuses available every single month at Bet365 Casino it won’t take long before you can match the sign-up bonus offered by the Go Casino.