AMEX Blackjack Sites

American Express (AMEX) was founded in 1850, but initially the company was in the express mail business. It took the AMEX brand 32 years (1882) before they moved into the financial markets. Nowadays, American Express is the biggest credit card company in the world although they don’t have the biggest market share. Many AMEX clients are wealthy and have helped the company become the biggest credit card company worldwide. Even though the American Express credit card is popular around the world, it isn’t that popular amongst online casinos. There are some AMEX blackjack sites in the industry, but they are few and far between.

Most real money blackjack sites find that American Express credit cards are the hardest to process. Due to this issue, many online casinos won’t even bother trying to process AMEX deposits, as they cause more hassle than they cause good. There are still some online casinos that accept American Express deposits, but there are no guarantees that your deposit will be accepted. According to online blackjack players I’ve talked with, AMEX credit cards have been working at a fairly good rate recently.

Up until 1987, American Express credit cards had to be paid in full at the end of every month. Nowadays the cards no longer need to be paid in full and the maximum deposits allowed into blackjack sites are very big. Many big-time blackjack players use AmEx online when they can because of the high depositing limits. American Express also offers the best rewards programs to its clients and that’s one of the reasons why the credit card brand has become a household name over the past few decades. It’s a widely known fact that AMEX credit card holders benefit from better reward programs than any other credit card holder on average.

Using your American Express credit card doesn’t cost any money, which is one of the reasons people like using their AmEx card at online casinos when possible. You won’t be able to use your AMEX card for withdrawals, but you can have a paper check sent to your mailing address free of charge from every blackjack site. Many people want to know whether or not using an AMEX card at an online casino is safe and we want to tell you that it’s very safe. Depositing money into your blackjack account using an American Express credit card is the same as using any other credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club.

Blackjack sites that accept American Express credit cards are always changing and it’s hard to create a list of sites that accept AMEX. We’re always updating the table to display the latest AMEX blackjack sites, but you may find that American Express cards are no longer accepted at some of the blackjack sites on our list. The AMEX blackjack sites we recommend all have great bonuses, player support, loyalty programs, promotions and most importantly they all have excellent blackjack games running 24/7.