Why Tip at the Live Online Blackjack Tables?

If you have never played blackjack at a live online casino then you might be a bit confused about the title of this post so let me explain what I am talking about. At certain live online casinos you have the option of leaving a tip to the dealers as a way of showing your appreciation for the recent blackjack hand you were just dealt or maybe you won a nice hand while doubling down and would like to share the wealth. The “tip jar” is not only present at the live blackjack tables but also when playing other casino games with live dealers such as roulette, baccarat and sic-bo.

Which Live Casinos Offer a Tip Option at the Blackjack Tables?

Well that’s a very simple question to answer as it’s currently only Playtech Powered live online casinos that are featuring a “Tip the Dealer” option at their blackjack tables. What is a Playtech Powered casino you might be asking yourself. Well Playtech is a software provider for many of the largest online casinos out there and a casino that is running on their casino platform is referred to as being Playtech powered.

To give you a couple of examples of online casinos that are running on the Playtech platform I could mention giants like Bet365, Betfred and PaddyPower. These casinos are all offering live dealer games where you are able to tip the dealers.

But why should I Be Leaving a Tip?

When playing at a real land based casino in Las Vegas like the Bellagio it is custom that you tip the dealer either during play or when you leave the table aster being done playing. So why shouldn’t you show live online blackjack dealers the same courtesy? If you are having a winning session at a live online casino I think it’s worth tipping the dealer every now and again, especially if you are a frequent visitor at that particular live casino as the dealers will definitely start treating you better at the tables. They will be much more inclined to interact with a player that they know is a decent tipper than they are with someone who will never leave a tip even if they are having a great session. And if you are a strong believer in Karma I would like to say it’s a must to tip the dealers when playing online blackjack.

Who Gets My Tip at the Live Online Casinos?

I have actually contacted one of the live dealer casinos to ask this question as I was curious to see if it’s the actual dealers who are getting the tips I leave at the tables or if the casino was greedy enough to keep it for themselves. It turns out all the tips that are being left at the live dealer games are gathered up in a pool and 100% of this money is shared between the dealers at the end of the month. According to what I have heard this can be a pretty decent benefit for the dealers if the casino is having a good month.

How Much to Tip at the Blackjack Tables

When it comes to tipping the dealer at the blackjack tables there isn’t a fixed formula for tipping like the 15% rule when visiting a restaurant. It’s pretty safe to assume that your tipping when playing blackjack will greatly depend on the outcome of the session for you. It’s custom to at tip the dealer when getting dealt a blackjack as you will then receive the extra 50% for hitting that hand. When I play lower stakes just for the fun of it I usually tip the dealer the full blackjack bonus amount as I don’t want to del with chips that doesn’t even amount to a minimum bet at the table. But when gambling for larger sums I usually tip the dealer about 25% of by blackjack bonus amount as a token of my appreciation.

It’s important to know that you are in no way forced to tip the dealer and if you don’t feel you are getting a good vibe or service you don’t have to feel obligated to tip. But if you are having a good session with a friendly dealer it’s highly advisable to leave a tip.

I think this covers just about anything there is to know about tipping the dealers at a live online blackjack tables but if I have missed something then please let me know in the comment form below and I will make sure to add the information later on.

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