Portomaso Casino in Malta Gets an Extreme Makeover

Yesterday when I visited the Portomaso Casino in Malta for the first time in over a month I was pleasantly surprised to find they had given the casino a complete makeover. Even though this was the newest casino on the island they still decided to give it a complete overhaul and at the same time they must have bought up some additional space because it feels about double the size compared to before.

What’s great about these changes is that they now have a lot of free space available that they can use to host bigger poker tournaments for example. But what I would have preferred to see during my visit yesterday would have been that they had added more blackjack tables as the ones they have tend to fill up quickly forcing you to play behind other players if you want some action. In a perfect world they would also have added a craps table as there is no casino in Malta at the moment that feature a craps table. And since craps is my favorite games after blackjack it would be great to see that added now that they definitely have the space for it. I really think a craps table would add a lot to this casino as you can’t get a proper casino feel without the roaring craps tables.

Blackjack Games at Portomaso Casino

Even though the blackjack games are some of the most popular at the Portomaso Casino they are still only offering 2 tables where you can play proper old fashioned blackjack. And out of these two tables there is usually only one open. But then they are also offering “blackjack strategy tables” which is kind of a brain dead version of blackjack. The blackjack strategy tables are being streamed via webcam feeds so that people can place bets on the game from home without even having to set foot in the casino, actually they don’t even have to set foot in Malta. If you want to learn more about these type of games you should read or article about live dealer blackjack which can be found here.

Comps and Free Drinks

If you are looking to play at a casino in Malta that will treat you to free drinks and give you comps for the hours of play that you put in then the Portomaso Casino is not for you. They go as far as giving you a free toast with ham and cheese and a cup of coffee but that’s about it. And when it comes to earnings comps that’s not even a possibility as they don’t have a comp program in place. With the growing competition amongst the local casinos it’s pretty weird that they haven’t started offering free drinks to their players and implemented some kind of comp program, no matter how crappy.

The Age Limit

When it comes to the age limit at the Portomaso Casino, or any other casino in Malta for that matter,there is one thing they I find very weird. The age limit for foreigners is 18, which is considerably lower than the normal age limits for a casino visit in the rest of Europe. But that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that the age limit for the Maltese is 25. Yup, you heard me, you have to be 25 years old to visit the casino. To me it makes no sense at all to have different age limits for different nationals but I guess it boils down to trying to protect the people from the evils of gambling.

If you have any questions related to the Portomaso Casino in Malta then please just drop a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer it for you. I spend enough time at this casino to know the answers to most questions by heart.

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