Dragonara Casino Malta Gets New Look

The Dragonara Casino in Malta recently went through a lot of changes, for the better I might add. When I want there last week it was the first time I had been there in over a year, and boy did things look different. Even though this is the oldest casino in Malta they sure have managed to make it look nice and modern after the recent refurbishment.

What Changed at the Dragonara?

This casino was closed down for a week or two and given a complete refurbishment and on top of that they also upgraded their systems to be able to offer comps and other fun stuff for their clientele. This means that if you have not been to the Dragonaro since the refurbishment you will need to bring your ID card or passport in order to get in as the old system in which they had your details is no longer in use. You will also be given and brand new membership card which you need to show when you are playing at the tables so that you will be credited with your comp points.

Drinks are Now Free at the Dragonara Casino

Well kind of at least. They aren’t going all out Las Vegas style by offering any drink you can dream up for free just to keep you at the tables but they do offer free alcoholic drinks such as beer which is more than you can say about places like the Portomaso Casino. Since I’m just a beer drinker myself I didn’t try to order any of the heavier stuff but I’m sure they have some kind of cocktail option for free as well. The downside here is that while they are trying to be generous here by offering me free beer as long as I’m playing they still manage to come out looking cheap. Since Cisk is my beer of choice I tried ordering that but I was warned by the bartender that a Cisk would come at a charge. When asking what brand the free beer was he simply replied “try it, if you don’t like it you don’t have to drink it”. While I’m not too comfortable drinking a beer that I don’t even know the brand of it still turned out ok as this free option was drinkable. But still think that if they are looking to do something different from the other casinos in Malta they should go all the way and at least offer me a beer that is not a no name brand.

The Comp Points Program at the Dragonara Casino

Just by even having a comp program for their players the Dragonara Casino is offering something that no one else is. I personally don’t visit the Dragonara often enough for it to make a difference to me if I’m getting comp points or not so I didn’t dig too deep into how the system works. From what I understand they have created it to work almost like a VIP shop at an online poker room where you can use your hard earned points to buy stuff you don’t really need. If I wasa frequent visitor I would have found it a bit more promising if they could offer stuff like a night at the Westin and a free dinner at their restaurant. That would make it a bit more Vegas like which is what I am looking for in a casino.

Over all though I was very pleasantly surprised be the recent changes at the Dragonara Casino in Malta and they are now definitely the most player friendly casino on the island. I will return.

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