Card Counting in Live Online Blackjack

When I play blackjack on the internet I prefer to do so at an online casino with live dealers. It might just be me but I prefer to actually see the cards being shuffled and dealt by a real person instead of playing against a Random Number Generator. I have no doubt that online casinos are not rigged but it still feels more fair and secure playing against a live dealer.

One of the questions that I often get when I tell people about live dealer blackjack games is regarding card counting and if it could be implemented on these live blackjack games. In theory they should be the perfect target for card counters as you are sitting behind a computer instead of being present at a real land based casino which means you can just sit down with pen and paper and write down all the cards as they are being dealt. The is no need for a photographic memory like Rain Man when counting cards in live online blackjack.

Can I Count Cards in Live Online Blackjack Games?

Sure you can. But unfortunately it’s not going t do you any good as most live dealer blackjack games are being played with 8 decks in the shoe and there is a re-shuffle after 4 decks have been played. This is not enough cards for to make a proper card count so you wouldn’t be able to turn the odds in your favor even if you were counting cards.

Of course it could still be a good strategy to keep in mind what cards have been played out so that you get a slight grasp of what might come later on but there is just no way that you would be able to turn the house edge around completely in your favor.

If you have any questions about live online blackjack games or card counting in general I would be happy to answer them for you. Simple leave your comment below and I will answer whatever question you might have.

Good luck at the blackjack tables!

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