Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack, which also goes under the name of 21, enjoys a great deal of popularity in land as well as online casinos, not only because its rules are simple, but also because they are exciting. The rule of surrender, for example, enables players to get back half their initial wagers if they end up with a very bad hand and are absolutely sure they cannot win. However, the rule of surrender must be used with care, as all other blackjack rules, because it is powerful enough to break as well as make players.

Blackjack Surrender Facts

When players surrender in blackjack, they fold and forfeit half their bets while the other half is returned to them. The option helps players cut their losses when they have a really bad hand that simply cannot win.

You must learn exactly what Blackjack surrender is before you sit down at a real money blackjack table, otherwise you will end up surrendering your hand when it is not required and make the casino richer. If you examine the rule of surrender carefully, you will realize that surrender is just another way for casinos to separate inexperienced blackjack players of their money. Blackjack players who surrender and get back half their bets are simply throwing away half their bets to the casino unless the surrender is really advantageous to the players. You should, therefore, study the option of surrender in blackjack very carefully otherwise you might be tempted to surrender when it is not really necessary and make the casino rich in the process.

Blackjack Surrender Types

There are two types of surrenders in blackjack—early and late. While some casinos allow players to surrender either late or early, some casinos allow them to surrender only early or only late. Players, therefore, should know the surrender rules at the particular land or online casino they are playing at because it will help them make the best surrender decision.

In case of early surrender, players fold before the dealer reveals his hole card. Casinos hardly offer this variant of blackjack surrender because it is highly advantageous for the players, enabling them to walk out of the game with half their bets intact. Usually, casinos offer the late surrender option, and players are allowed to surrender their bets only after the dealer reveals his hole card. This means that players can surrender only if the dealer does not get a blackjack; they lose if the dealer gets blackjack.

Surrender Strategies

The surrender option exists simply because casinos know that inexperienced players surrender too many hands, even when it is not necessary. You should develop a basic surrender strategy before you decide to surrender.

Needless to say, you should surrender a hand only when it is really that bad. In other words, you hand should be just 25 percent likely to win and 75 percent likely to lose. Avoid surrendering soft 15, soft 16, or 2 eights, but you can surrender a 15 or a 16 if the dealer has ace, 9, or 10.